About Bruce

Bruce graduated from St Louis University School of Law in 1993. He has been a practicing attorney ever since.

Bruce is married to his wife Jill and together have three children. Their daughter Reagan, is a 2012 graduate of Marquette High School. Their two boys, Cliff and Thomas, attend Crestview Middle School and Wild Horse Elementary. Bruce has coached all three of his children in numerous sports including basketball and volleyball.

Bruce and Jill are proud members of Ascension Parish where Bruce is a former lector and board member of the Ascension Athletic Association. Jill owns and runs a local small business.

Bruce has a long history of serving the City of Chesterfield and was appointed to the Planning Commission approximately 3 years ago. While on the Planning Commission he has assumed leadership roles serving as the Vice Chair and Secretary. Prior to the Planning Commission Bruce served on the Board of Variances and has also served on Chesterfield’s Drug Task Force.

Bruce served as Trustee for the Chesterfield Farms Subdivision for 2 years.

Bruce has coached his kids in all sorts of sports and is an enthusiastic sponsor of Marquette Mustang Mania, an online program dedicated to Marquette Mustang Basketball.

The DeGroots have lived in Chesterfield since 1994. They love the City of Chesterfield and know that it is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Believing in Chesterfield

As a long time Chesterfield resident first and current Secretary of the City of Chesterfield Planning Committee, Bruce deeply cares about our community. Here are just a few of the issues that he feels strongly about.

Tax Pool Reform

The City of Chesterfield currently returns a disproportionate amount of the sales tax revenue it generates due to its classification as a member of the tax pool. Bruce supports reform which would allow Chesterfield to be classified as a point of sale city which would reduce its contribution by about 25% and allow Chesterfield to provide services such as police and traffic support which will increase as a result of the two new shopping developments.

Land Development

While on the Planning Commission Bruce became familiar with the architectural and aesthetic standards Chesterfield desires for it’s community. He is in favor of vigorous enforcement of these standards while respecting the rights of private ownership of property.

Financial stability

Bruce is a strong supporter of police and other employees of Chesterfield. He is also dedicated to the belief that Chesterfield must maintain financial integrity. He firmly believes that a fair compensation package for all city employees can be established without jeopardizing Chesterfield’s financial stability.


While on the Planning Commission Bruce was firm in his belief that any proposed development would have a minimal effect on traffic patterns and would not jeopardize the safety of any Chesterfield Citizen or those visiting Chesterfield. Drawing upon his prior legal experiences he insisted that traffic studies be included on several developments and that safety concerns regarding be seriously addressed.